Ithaca-based musician and performer, Robin Burnett has delighted audiences for 25 years with her powerful vocals, magnetic personality, and rhythmic guitar. Robin is known for her compelling interpretations of popular rock and country tunes, as well as her creative arrangements of older blues and folk pieces. Her genre-crossing style is showcased in her new CD “My Greatest Wish” which is a compilation of favorites that Robin performs with a special cast of musicians from the Finger Lakes region of New York. Through the selections in this collection, Robin’s vocal versatility is unveiled for all to hear. From the beautifully sung “Testify To Love,” to the roaring vocals of “Never Been To Spain,” to the awe-inspiring, a capella performance of the traditional spiritual “Amazing Grace,” we hear songs that are sung from the soul by a performer with true passion and talent. We even hear an arrangement of Eric Burden’s “House of the Rising Sun” in which Robin creates a uniquely haunting and mysterious atmosphere for us to savor
“I agree with Dolly Parton...
what could be more fun than dancin’ and singin’ and havin’ a party!”
– Robin Burnett
Special Note: Through these many years I have had the opportunity to play and perform with several uniquely talented musicians and individuals.  "My Greatest Wish" was a moment in time when I was blessed to have them join me, giving freely of their time and talent, to create a piece in a  journey that I will forever hold close to my heart. 
All my love to: the late Mary Celli(my arrow); Nancy Riesbeck(my bull); Karen Olsen; Jessie McClain; Bob (huck) Huckle; Kathy Sindoni; the late John Montgomery; Zane Best; Giles Quarles; Julie Waters; Pat Schaup; Michael Brooks; and to my dear friend Sandy Payette for the support to get this whole thing started!! Thank you.-robin

My Greatest Wish