OK- so I started singing out of the car window when I was a kid. My audience was a complete fantasy but I loved it. Then there was 5th and 6th grade chorus, I sang alto and so of course always sang harmony. I got pretty good at it but unfortunately started having trouble finding the melody. LOL As for the guitar, I never imagined playing the bass when I was younger. I did learn a few chords on the guitar though. Loved that too. Then came disco. Yikes. Really tough to play on the guitar in G. Seriously, I never played, or at least very little, during college or for many years later for that matter. Then I met Robin Burnett. She inspired me (along with the Indigo Girls) and I started playing again. She was impressed that I could play Closer to Fine (even though that’s all I could play) and so it began. Eventually, I decided to try the bass and now continue to challenge myself with an instrument that I feel is just right for me(unlike the clarinet from jr/sr high that I forgot to mention) We’ve come a long way since then. A better friendship I couldn’t ask for and soooo much fun “dancing and singin and havin a party. “